2007 Mardi Gras Practice
Click the thumbs for group shots
Level 4 & 5 - After the first hour and a half of practice, these swimmers had to guestimate their time for 25 yard swims in order to win beads.  If they were within a half a second they won the little ones.  If they were within 0.25 they won the large 72 inchers, and if they hit their time exactly, they won the specialty beads.  Only Griffin Fisk won the specialty beads.
Level 3 - Coaches threw beads to these swimmers while they swam during the final 45 minutes of their practice session.  If they were hit with the beads or could grab them before they sank to the bottom, they  could keep them.
Level 1 & 2 - The little ones started practice with with a bead dive and could keep however many they could find.  
All the kids had King Cake after practice.
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