2006 Orange and Blue Classic
February 3 - 5
Kaitlin's first USA Swimming meet
    11 -12 boys trophy winners                       13 - 14 girls  9th place trophy winner

                      8th                                                Will
Adele had 8 best times and 6 team records
Cameron had 5 best times
Will set 3 new team records
                     Daniel         JD            Adele     Jordan        


Boyd          Patrick        Tyler        Cameron      Kaitlihn      Megan           Ryan

Thomas                            Jefferson                Adrian

                Gracey                                              Carly
Ryan set a new team record
Thomas, Jefferson, & Carly  17 best times
Sparky fires up TNT
Thomas had 2 improved time standards
Patrick swam his first 50 yard events
Boyd had a best time in 100 IM
Megan got closer to her SES 50 back cut
Tyler set 6 team records
TNT fueling up
Triple Threat
The boys tackling an easier sport
The staduim at sunset
Sparky's Keeper
Kyle won the 100 backstroke
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