TNT's 4th Annual Short Course Awards Dinner
An Evening for Families, Friends, Food and Celebrating a Super Short Course Season
2008 Southeastern Short Course Championship Squad
TNT Level 5 swimmers
TNT Level 4 swimmers
TNT Level 3 swimmers
TNT Level 2 swimmers
TNT Level 1 swimmers
Special thanks to Amy and Mark Boles for arranging to have our awards dinner at the Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church in Fairhope.  As always, thank you to Debbie Anderson who organized the event and to Terri Kinsey, Mark Kinsey, Marci Kinsey, Ellie Quale and Lori Scharles for managing the room set up and for working the kitchen.

Thank you also to all of our swimmers and team families, those at the dinner and those who were unable to attend, for your participation in, and continued support of TNT.

As always, thank you to my wonderful family, Mary Beth and Adele, for your love and encouragement.