1.INDIVIDUAL APPROACH:  The program is designed for individual swimmers with their age, ability, and desire in mind.  As these factors change, capacity for workout time and stress increase gradually as he or she grows.  This capacity is rarely identical in any group of youngsters, and we cannot accurately predict the full potential of any swimmer at a given stage of his or her career.  It is very important to us not to limit a child’s development, but we feel that a gradual increase in work load and expectations, along with realistic goal – setting, will allow for the smoothest progression toward a swimmer’s potential.

2.12 AND UNDERS:  We try to guard against the “too much, too soon” syndrome.  For the parents of age group swimmers, patience and encouragement are the key words at TNT.  You may see other youngsters in the area who seem to peak at a younger age, but as our swimmers reach the age of 12 and beyond, we think our program philosophy will be very evident.  We want our parents to encourage their children to fulfill their potential, and the orientation of the team toward senior goals will enhance the future of all our swimmers’ careers.

3.COACHING AND PARENTING:  We cannot stress enough the importance of the coach – swimmer relationship.  We want your swimmer to relate to his or her coach in matters concerning his or her ability to swim.  When parents interfere with opinions of how a swimmer should swim, considerable confusion can follow as to whom the swimmer should respect.  It is the coach’s responsibility to provide constructive criticism of a swimmer’s performance.  In swimming, as in other endeavors, there are peaks and valleys along the long road of work, swim, and more work. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide love and encouragement that bolster the swimmer’s confidence along the way.  Coaches work best at coaching; parents at parenting.