Dear Parents:

To have a successful program there must be complete understanding and cooperation among parents, swimmers, and coaches.  The progress your youngster makes depends on this relationship.  It is with this in mind that we ask you to consider this note carefully as you join our team.

As parents in the TNT program, we will ask that you fully support and encourage your swimmer toward achieving his ultimate potential.  Specifically, see to it that he or she gets to practice regularly and on time, be willing to provide transportation to competitions, and aid the team in any way possible at meets.  It is important that you stimulate an interest in your swimmer toward proper daily rest and diet.

In addition, we need our parents to assist the team in a variety of ways.  Whether this be officiating and timing at swim meets, helping with team oriented recreational activities, or helping with a fund – raising project, the service you provide allows the coaching staff to concentrate on coaching and thus do a superior job.

The relationship between coaches and swimmers needs to be very personal.  A two – way relationship must exist daily at practice and at meets.  Therefore, we insist that parents do not interrupt coaches on the deck at practices and at meets.  The lines of communication between the coaches and parents will always be open.  It is very important that you let us know if there is anything we can do to aid your swimmer in his or her full enjoyment of the sport, from which he or she will realize more success.  Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s coach with regard to their athlete. 

We expect each swimmer to be a responsible participant in our program, not only in regard to his or her swimming, but also in his or her attitude toward the facilities he or she will use.  We insist that each team member be aware that we have a great facility and the he or she must treat that facility with respect.

Finally, we would request that you read further through our hand book, particularly the sections on philosophy, policies, and TNT objectives and goals.  The ideas expressed here are the concepts and qualities we try to instill in swimmers each and every day.  Your understanding of our purpose and the goals we are striving to achieve is very important to our success.

We are gratified with the team’s progress and extremely excited for the future.  Thank you for your interest, and welcome again to TNT.


Jan Mittemeyer
Head Coach