1.  All upcoming meets are listed in the meet schedule page of the TNT website.  Parents should take note of the designated meet dates.

2.  Once TNT receives the meet invitation from the host team, TNT parents of eligible swimmers will be notified by email of their swimmer's entry into the meet.  This email includes complete meet information, a TNT swimmer event list, and an option to "opt out" of the meet.       

3.  Parents should read the meet notice carefully,  noting designated swimmer events, entry fees, times, dates, and the meet location and the opt out deadline. 

4.  If a swimmer is unable to attend a meet in which they have been entered, they must “opt out” of the meet not later than the opt out deadline. 

5.  Unless a swimmer has been opted out of the meet by the deadlie, he or she will automatically be entered into the meet and any associated entry fees will be billed to that family's team account. 


1. If your swimmer is unable to attend the meet, or attend only part of the meet,  parents can use the option buttons and text box provided, to communicate this information to Coach Jan. 

2)  Once you have completed the requested opt out information, click on the button labled,"submit" and your opt out information will automatically be emailed to Coach Jan.