In addition to the Parents’ Handbook, TNT maintains communication with the parents and swimmers in the following ways:

1.  The TNT Web Site, located at is the most current and up to date source of information about the team.  Updates, highlights, meet information, and much more will keep all members and families informed about all aspects of TNT Swimming.  Parents are encouraged to check it daily.

2.  Family File Folders are located at the YMCA in the breezeway between the locker rooms and the pool.  Copies of meet notices, important announcements, newsletters, as well as meet reviews and awards are located there.  These folders should be checked at every practice by either swimmers or parents.

3.  TNT publish an online newsletter, which also includes a hard copy that is distributed to family file folders.  Newsletters are a supplement to the website containing swimmer and team highlights, schedule updates, as well as important notices.