More than fifty swimmers and parents attended TNT Swimming’s 3rd Annual Nutrition Seminar, Saturday, February 24 at the Thomas Wellness Center.  The seminar was presented by Mr. Ken Haynie, a training coordinator at the Wellness Center.

Haynie laid the groundwork of his presentation by focusing on stimulation, recuperation, and nutrition, the three main factors for successful athletic development.  He began by explaining that although training is the essential first step in the improvement process, that actual performance gains are made during the adaptation phase between workouts, while the athletes are at rest. 

“I think Ken really got the swimmer’s attention by beginning his talk with the subject of performance improvement,” said TNT head Coach, Jan Mittemeyer.  “The idea of swimming faster really got everyone’s attention and he had a very receptive and thoughtful audience from that moment on.”

Haynie then presented a Strategic Nutrition Plan based on his top ten sources for getting the most nutrients per serving from every meal.  The plan emphasizes eating a variety of whole foods rich in the ten key nutrients including; Protein, Fat, Fiber, Vitamin A, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

Haynie also emphasized getting the proper amount of sleep, as well as the critical importance of staying well hydrated.  He explained that because the human body is composed of seventy percent water, that even a one percent water deficit can negatively affect athletic performance.  He suggests at least two quarts of fluid throughout the day in the form of water and milk.

During Haynies’ presentation, swimmers, coaches, and parents enjoyed a three course lunch buffet provided by TNT parent volunteers.  Swimmers were asked to identify various nutrients while they ate, adding an interactive element to the seminar.

Melanie Simison, who coordinated last year’s seminar also headed up the 2007 effort.

“It couldn’t believe how easy it was to arrange all the food this year.  I made about five or six calls one day and it was all done,” said Simison.

Haynie concluded the seminar by answering questions from parents, coaches, and swimmers.  Subjects included pre and post competition meals, the benefits and drawbacks of sports drinks, what to eat and drink during competitions, as well as what to avoid.  He emphasized the pitfalls of added sugars, saturated fats, and trans fats that compromise health and performance, and act as inflammatory agents which suppress the immune system and slow recovery time.

“This the third consecutive year that Ken has spoken to our swimmers and as always it was a real pleasure spending time with him.  He is a very interesting, informative, and entertaining speaker. He is certainly an asset to the Thomas Hospital Wellness program and to the Eastern Shore community.”
Ken Haynie is a Training Coordinator who earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Human Performance and a Master of Sport Science in Fitness Management.  You can reach him at 251-990-1684

TNT Swimming offers year round instruction, coaching and competitive opportunities to children of all ages and ability levels at the Bounds Family YMCA.  For information visit the team web site at or call Coach Mittemeyer at 251-599-1019