TNT 2010 Nutrition Seminar
Eating for the Health of It

This year's Nutrition Seminar was held at the Bryant Bank Community Room in Daphne and was presented by TNT team parent, Sara Federico, MS RD.  Sara began by defining "diet" and detailing the importance of carbohydrates, protiens, fats and fluids in a swimmer's diet.  She explained the difference between good and bad carbohydrates and fats, as well as some simple methods of identifying the best source of calories for growth and performance needs. 

The seminar included a delicious meal prepared by TNT volunteer parents. An appetizer of meatballs and potatoe skins with cheese was provided by Amy Boles. The main course of taco soup, cheese and chips was provided by Mary Beth Mantiply.  A dessert of chocolate dipped strawberries and brownies were provided by Christine Fouty, Karen Sledge and LaDonna Stough.
            Special thanks to TNT volunteers for a delicious meal                                 Everyone came hungry from Saturday morning practice                       Thank you Sara for an excellent prsentation
A very special "Thank You" to Johnye Parish, Branch Manager at Bryant Bank for providing access to their beautiful community room for the seminar. The room was perfect, including kitchen access, ample serving area, tables and chairs. 

Thanks again, Johnye!