Thirty-five swimmers and parents attended TNT Swimming’s 2nd Annual Nutrition Seminar, Saturday, March 4th at the Celebration Methodist Church in Belforest. The seminar featured nutrition specialist Ken Haynie from the Thomas Hospital Wellness Center.

Haynie began his presentation by describing each individual swimmer in terms of three different people. First, he discussed the children's requirements just as kids, needing enough energy to simply go about their daily routines.  Next, he talked about the metabolic needs of children and how various stages of growth required certain dietary needs.  Finally, Haynie emphasized how athletes require a higher degree of nutritional awareness in order to effectively fuel the extra calories needed for athletic training and peak performance.

Haynie timed his presentation with a meal served by team parents in order to help the swimmers identify the essential elements and nutrients that they were eating. By breaking down the food products in each serving, Haynie helped the swimmers become more aware of how much protein, carbohydrate, and fluid they were consuming and the role that those essential food elements played in their daily lives.

The seminar concluded with parents, swimmers, and coaches asking questions including: the timing of pre race meals, the value of energy drinks, what foods hydrate and dehydrate, and when and what to eat before and after training sessions, to mention only a few.

TNT Head Coach, Jan Mittemeyer, was happy with this year’s nutrition program. “It was a real pleasure to have Ken speak to the team again.  He is always so positive and enthusiastic to work with, and like last year his presentation was interesting, informative, and entertaining. He is certainly an asset to the Thomas Hospital Wellness program and to the Eastern Shore community.”

“I want to especially thank our team parents, without whom the seminar would not have been possible,” said Mittemeyer. “They provided a wide variety of foods that made up a three course meal including appetizer, main course, and dessert.  It was delicious and nutritious and I saw many swimmers going back to the serving table over and over again.”

TNT parents providing food for the seminar included Melanie Simison, who headed up the project, and Mary Beth Mantiply, both of whom supplied the main courses. Susan Miller, Tricia Hudson and Kelly Milroy supplied the appetizers and Karen Sledge and Terri Kinsey provided desserts.

Coach Mittemeyer was pleased with the team turn out for this year’s seminar.  “It was a busy weekend for many of our families and I know that some of those in attendance were squeezing the seminar in between other activities,” he said.  “Some of our swimmers actually ran the SEEDS race at 8:00 AM, swam practice from 10:00 until 11:30 AM, and then went to the seminar from 12:30 until 2:00 PM.”

In addition to the nutrition seminar, TNT also hosted a USA Swimming Officials Clinic that morning at the Bounds Family YMCA. 

Dave Smith, the chief swimming official from Southeastern Swimming’s South District provided instruction for eight parents from TNT working toward becoming official stroke and turn judges. TNT parents who attended the clinic include:  Tom Davis, Andrea Doucet, Mark and Marcie Kinsey, Steve Kinsey, David and Johnnie Parish.

TNT offers year round instruction, coaching, and competitive swimming opportunities to children and youth of all ages and ability levels at the Bounds Family YMCA.  For information please call 251-599-1019, email or visit the team web site at

TNT Swimming's 2006 Nutition Seminar