TNT's 5th Annual Mardi Gras Practice
February 14, 2009
Level 1 and 2 swimmers had beads tossed to them while they swam and could keep any that they could catch.  At the end of practice they collected any that sank to the bottom of the pool.
Here are a few of the 20 swimmers from the level 3 & 4 practice who caught beads during warm up and warm down.  They also helped toss beads to levels 1 & 2.

Level 4 & 5 earned  their beads by "guesstimating"  times during 50 yard repeats at the end of practice.  Guesstimates within 0.4 earned the small beads.  Those within 0.2  won the mediums.  Exact guesstimates earned the specialty beads.  This was a fun way for the older kids to get to know their pace.  Congratulations to Kyle Simpson, who after three years finally won the "big beads."