TNT's "Not so Lazy River" Swim
May 29, 2011
Waterville, USA
Special thanks to the folks at Waterville, USA for allowing our swimmers early entry into the park for our 5th Lazy River Swim.  This annual event is one of the most unique and fun features that TNT offers it's swimmers and families. The kids enter the park before it opens and circumnavigate the 500 yard course upstream against the 3.0 mph, and then spent the day riding the slides and having a fun. Ages 13 & older went 6 times around (3,000 yards), the 11 - 12 went 4 times (2,000), the 10 & unders, 2 times (1,000) and the 8 & unders, 1 time (500). As always, thank you to Mary Beth for arranging this special activity for our team.
Special thanks to Michelle and John for making this year's Lazy River Swim possible for our team.

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