National Club Swimming Association
Summer Junior National Championships
August 6 - 10, 2019
Orlando, FL

TNT Results / Complete Meet Results

Eight TNT swimmers competed at the 2019 NCSA Summer Junior Championships, held August 6 - 10 in Indianapolis, IN. The meet featured many of the nation's top swimmers, ages 18 and under, from more than 100 competing teams. TNT had an outstanding meet, finishing 16 th place in the combined men's and women's team scoring with 356 points. 

TNT swimmers accounted for 3 First Place Finishes,  3 "A" Final Qualifiers, 5 Improved Time Standards, 6 Medal Winners, 10 Medals, 20 Team Records, and 25 Personal Best Times. Also, two TNT swimmers, Letitia and Levenia Sim, qualified for the NCSA Select Training Camp, to be held at the US Olympic Training Center.
Letitia Sim, age 16, led the team, scoring 177 points in individual events.  She won 3 gold medals, with 1st place finishes in 3 individual events, and sweeping the women's 50, 100 and 200 Breaststrokes. Letitia also won a 6th place medal in the 200 Individual Medley and 8th place medal in the 100 Backstroke, and scored points in the 50 fly - 9th place, and 50 back - 12th place

Letitia is the first TNT swimmer to win an event at the NCSA Junior National Championships, and also the first to sweep 3 events in the same stroke. She also acheived 11 Personal Best Times and set 10 New Team Records. Letitia finished 2nd place in the Womens High Point scoring and qualified for the NCSA Training Camp in Colorado Springs.

TNT Women's 200 and 400 Medley RelaysLevenia Sim (Backstroke), Letitia Sim (Breaststroke), Kaleigh Spears (Butterfly), Alyssa Dennis (Freestyle), scored 84 points, to became the first TNT relay team to score at the NCSA Junior Nationals.  The foursome combined to finish 5th place in the 200 Medley Relay, earning the first medals ever won by a TNT relay team at this meet. They also finished 10th place in the 400 Medley Relay.
Front:  Alyssa Dennis, Kaleigh Spears, Letitia Sim, Levenia Sim.  Back:  Cole Cornell, Aaron Bauer, Trey Sheils, Evan Ren.
TNT 2019 NCSA Summer Junior National Team
Trey Sheils, age 18, earned an 8th place medal in the men's 100 Breaststroke, to become the first TNT male athlete to qualify the "A" Final in an individual event at this meet.. Trey led the TNT men's squad, scoring 55 individual points, putting the team in the combined men's and wormen's scoring. Trey also acheived persosnal best times and new team records in the 50 and 200 Breaststrokes.
TNT Women's Medley Relay Team: 
Levenia Sim, Kaleigh Spears, Letitia Sim, Alyssa Dennis
Levenia Sim, age 13, scored 40 individual points, making the "A" Final in the 50 Backstroke and earniing a 6th place medal. Levenia also scored in the 50 Butterfly - 14th place and 100 Backstroke - 22nd place.  Levenia's performance in the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke, earned her a trip to the NCSA Training Camp at the USA Olympic Training Center in
Colorado Springs.  Levenia also acheived 4 personal best
times and broke 7 team records.
TNT Boys 200 and 400 Freestyle and Medley Relays

Evan Ren, Aaron Bauer, Trey Sheils and Cole Cornell, were the first TNT Men's Relays, to compete at the the NCSA Championship Meet.
Evan        Aaron                              Trey        

Improved Time Standards:  Aaron Bauer, 100 fly A; Cole Cornell, 100 butterfly A; Trey Sheils, 200 breaststroke AAAA, Letitia Sim, 100 backstroke AAAA, Kaleigh Spears, 200 individual medley AAA.

Personal Best Times: Aaron Bauer, 50 freestyle (relay lead off), 100 freestyle, 100 butterfly; Cole Cornell, 100 butterfly, Alyssa Dennis, 100 butterfly; Evan Ren, 100 butterfly; Trey Sheils, 50 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke, Letitia Sim, 200 backstroke, 50 butterfly (prelims), 50 butterfly (finals), 50 breaststroke (prelims), 50 breaststroke (finals), 100 backstroke, 200 breaststroke, 50 backstroke (prelims), 50 backstroke (finals), 200 Individual Medley (prelims), 200 individual medley (finals); Levenia Sim, 50 backstroke (relay lead off), 50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke, 100 butterfly, 100 backstroke (relay lead off).  Kaleigh Spears, 50 fly, 100 breast, 200 Individual medley.

New Team Records:  Trey Sheils, 17 - 18 boys 50 breaststroke 29.43 (old record T. Sheils 29.54 (100 split) set 07/18/19), 200 breaststroke 2:24.17 (old record T. Sheils 2:27.24 set 07/18/19); Letitia Sim, 15 - 16 girls 200 backstroke 2:24.06 (old record L. Sim 2:27.06 set 06/22/18), 50 butterfly 28.30 (old record L. Sim 29.12 (100 split) set 07/18/19), 50 butterfly L. Siim 28.30 set in prelims), 50 breaststroke 32.19 (old record L. Sim 32.62 (100 split) set 06/20/19), 50 breaststroke 32.11 (old record L. Sim set in prelims), 100 back 1:04.07 (old record L. Sim 1:05.70 set 08/01/18), 200 breaststroke 2:33.49 (old record L. Sim 2:33.93 set 06/20/19), 50 backstroke 30.42 (old record L. Sim 31.59 set 08/01/18), 50 backstroke 30.19 (old record 30.42 set in prelims), 200 Individual Medley 2:20.84 (old record L. Sim 2:22.69 set 07/19/18), 200 Individual Medley 2:19.57 (old record L. Sim 2:20.84 set in prelims); Levenia Sim 13 - 14 girls 50 backstroke 29.77 relay lead off (old record L. Sim 30.27 set 06/20/19), 50 backstroke 29.69 (old record L. Sim 29.77 set on relay lead off), 50 butterfly 28.63 (old record L. Sim 100 split 28.91 set 06/18/19), 50 butterfly 28.30 (old record L. Sim 28.63 set in prelims), 50 breast 34.83 (old record 35.13 by Letitia Sim set 07/20/17), 100 butterfly 1:02.27 (old record L. Sim 1:02.28 set 07/18/19), 100 back 1:04.36 relay lead off (old record 1:04.55 by L. Sim 07/18/19).

Special thanks to TNT parents for taking the time and expense, in order to make this experience possible for their kids.

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