Coach Jan:  Thank you very much for your talk on Freestyle and Backstroke turns.  You really hit the nail on the head.  Your talk alone made the clinic worth while.  I plan to use you turn progression to teach turns this year.  If possible could you send me a couple of the video files of the inside out.  Thanks.

James Gully
Curl-Burke Swim Club
Manassas Freedom site
Age Group (9-11) coach



Thank you for your time at ASCA your topics had great insite. I was wondering if I could get the presentation you had on the Free and Back Turns. The vidoes that you showed as well. I really want my coaches to use your technique it makes perfect sense.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Head Developmental Coach
James Gallagher
Rose Bowl Aquatics

Hi Jan!

I had the privilege of sitting in your flip turn talk at ASCA and I really liked your fun yet simple way of teaching a compact flip and the drills associated with it.  As you know, kids are so visual and although I took good notes of your turn progressions, I would really like to have the videos you showed during your talk to back up what I will say to the kids.  Would you mind sharing those videos with me so I can share it not only with the kids in our program, but also our staff?  Thank you in advance and keep up the innovative and fun work!

Stephanie Toth
North Orange and HFFA Fireball Coach
704-766-1520 x 3101

SwimMAC Carolina



I attended your presentation of Free & Back Turns at this year's World Clinic.  Your presentation was awesome, and
I will be using your progressions.  At the clinic, you indicated we could see the video clips on the website.  I checked
the ASCA website, but did not find anything.  I have also been looking on the TNT website to see if I could find the video
clips.  I would appreciate a little help in the right direction.

Thanks again for your awesome presentation and your dedication to the sport.

Edie Mueller
Swim America
Program Director
605-978-1873  office
605-310-4838  cell=